For further information on the College Count$ Research Study please contact:

Dr. Katherine Boswell
Project Manager
Tel: (801) 278-0713 or Cell: (801) 599-4276

Organizational Contact Information for College Count$ Consortium:

Arkansas Community Colleges  
Bill Stovall, Executive Director
Collin Callaway, Chief Operations Officer
Tel: 501-371-0404

Arkansas Department of Higher Education
Career Pathways Initiative Program Office
Angela Lasiter, Interim Director
Tel: 501-371-2083

Arkansas Research Center
Dr. Greg Holland, Director
Tel: 501-852-2296

Metis Research Associates
New York City
Michael Scuello, Proj. Dir, Research
Tel: 212-425-8833

ICF International
Falls Church, VA
Dr. Yvette Lamb

Communications and Media Outreach
New York City, NY
Douglas Gould, President

TOPOS Partnership
1865 Broad Street
Providence, RI
Meg Bostrom, Co-founder