College Count$

College Count$ is an external evaluation measuring what student success, social impacts, or economic benefits result to the individual and the state from an investment of federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) dollars into The Career Pathways Initiative (CPI). Using rigorous research techniques, the study compares income, education, and employment outcomes of CPI participants with non-participants – to determine whether the program is successfully lifting Arkansas families out of poverty and/or providing a return on investment to the state.

Our funders

Recognizing the enormous potential that this study holds a model for state governments, and the philanthropic community to follow, the College Count$ study is supported by three Foundation partners.

our partners

Metis Associates and the Arkansas Research Center are conducting this multi-phased study by analyzing approximately 30,000 CPI participant records from the past ten years. 

  • Arkansas Community Colleges, Little Rock, AR  - Bill Stovall, Executive Director
  • Arkansas Department of Higher Education, Little Rock, AR – Dr. Maria Markham, Director
  • Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Little Rock, AR – Daryl Bassett, Director
  • Arkansas Research Center,  Little Rock, AR – Dr. Greg Holland, Director
  • Metis Associates, New York, NY – Michael Scuello, Principal Investigator
  • ICF International, Falls Church, VA – Yvette Lamb, Senior Program Officer
  • DG+CO, New York, NY– Douglas Gould, President
  • TOPOS, Providence, RI–Meg Bostrom, Co-founder

national advisory board

  • Brandon Roberts, President, Brandon Roberts and Assoc., Chevy Chase, MD
  • Dr. Kay McClenney, Sr. Associate, Center for Community College Student Engagement, University of Texas at Austin, Evergreen, CO
  • Stephen Lakis, President & CEO, State Legislative Leaders Foundation, Centerville, MA
  • Daryl Bassett, Director, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Little Rock, AR
  • Brendan Kelly, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Policy Research and Evaluation, Washington DC
  • Dr. Renee Wilson-Simmons, Director, National Center for Children in Poverty, Columbia University, New York, NY
  • Dr. Mary Hyde, Deputy Director, Office of Research and Evaluation, Corporation for National and Community Service, Washington DC
  • Robert Doar, Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies at American Enterprise Institute, Washington DC
  • John Colborn, Director,  Skills for America’s Future at the Aspen Institute, Washington , DC
  • Dr. Mary Visher, Senior Associate, MDRC, Gualala, CA
  • Dr. Maria Markham, Director, Arkansas Department of Higher Education, Little Rock, AR
  • Sen. Keith Ingram, Arkansas State Senate, West Memphis, AR